At Global Business Solutions, our mission is to provide you with superior technical services, including the following:

  • Provide consulting services in the selection and implement-ation of business and manufacturing systems
  • Provide technical training for Unix, Progress, and QAD enterprise solutions
  • QADEE and MFG/PRO installations and upgrades
  • Develop data conversion plans and programs from old business systems to QAD and visa versa
  • Installation and integration of third party packages into QAD
  • Unix system administrative services including backup/restore, disaster recovery planning, printer setup, user setup, scripting and process scheduling through CRON
  • Provide technical leadership in the selection, design, and implementation of business and manufacturing systems
  • Design, develop, and implement custom Progress applications.
  • Progress installations and upgrades
  • Design and develop application interfaces between business systems and third party packages
  • Design, develop, and implement custom "C" and "C++" algorithms and interfaces.


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